A world Legacy that travels beyond measures, a world called Tretoria. Shall it welcome you and have fun!
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 Character Template

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Lady Io

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PostSubject: Character Template   Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:03 pm

- First Middle Last -
Name || Full Name
Age || ## Years
Year || # Year
House || Here
Blood Type || Pure/Half/Muggleborn
Sexuality || Here
Loyalty || DE/OotP/Neutral?
Wand || Wood, Core, Length
Tell us more about character appearance here - further details on hair, eyes, body type, clothing style, distinguishing features... appearance in general. We'd like to see at least 150 words if possible! Make sure your appearance is age appropriate - a first year wont have a belly piercing or tattoos, so keep it real please!
Eyes || color
Hair || color
Height || tall? short?
Build || athletic? petite?
Claim || full name
Tell us more about character's personality here - we want some more general information on who they are, but also some fears, ambitions, dreams... best memory, etc... How do they interact with others? Team player or fiercely independent? Give us at least 150 words on personality here!
Best Class || here
Worst Class || here
Best Trait || best
Worst Trait || worst
Quirk || one quirk
Character history here please! We want at least 250 words on what has happened in your character's life up to this point.Tell us about their childhood and life before Hogwarts, them getting their letter, and about their life in Hogwarts so far. If you character is not a first year then please give a little detail on what's happened each year - what have they enjoyed most? What they they enjoyed least? What classes are they doing well in? Not so well in? Best achievements? Joined any clubs/groups? Been in any fights? Constantly in detention? Practically lived in the library? Just give us as much insight into their life at school so far as you can. Obviously, the younger the character, the less their is to write here!
Birthplace || here
Current Residence || here
Pet || animal, name
Parents || Mother's name, age, blood Father's name, age, blood
Siblings || Name, Age, House
The Player
Name || here
Age || here
Codeword || here
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Character Template
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