A world Legacy that travels beyond measures, a world called Tretoria. Shall it welcome you and have fun!
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 Traveller's Guide to Tretoria

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PostSubject: Traveller's Guide to Tretoria   Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:54 pm



 Day: 24 hours. The sun rises in the Northwest and sets in the Southeast

 Years: roughly 672 days divided into 24 months (Lunar Cycles) with four 7 day weeks each.

 Gravity: 1G

 Atmospheric pressure: 1 atm

 Seasons: This world has four seasons, though in some parts of the world the natural climate acts erratically, due to disruptive flows of spiritual energy (mana) interfering with the natural energy

 Magnetic field: Compasses do exist (rare, luxury goods invented by Dwarves), and the needles point to the north, towards Celestia.

Moons: Tretoria has four moons, with different sizes and orbital distances. Prima is the largest and closest, and not only influences the tides but the planet's very geologic activity, being frequently associated with fire. Dua is the second moon, due to its uneven, elliptic orbit it exerts a more variable effect on the world's tides, being the prime cause for storms. It's not as big as Prima but can easily appear so when closest to the planet. Terssa is the third moon, as well as the smallest: It's orbit varies and changes on a yearly basis according to the other moon's positions, and its usually associated with air. Ultima is the fourth and final moon, a heavenly body so elusive some cultures were usually unaware of its existance; but it its large enough to cause complete, seldom predictable solar eclipses on its own. It's associated with Shadow.

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Traveller's Guide to Tretoria
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