A world Legacy that travels beyond measures, a world called Tretoria. Shall it welcome you and have fun!
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Fri Oct 21, 2016 1:22 am by Lady Io
Magic Regulations

Most races have the capability to do magic, but only one class can they choose from. There’s the Summoning school, the elemental School and --------- school. There are magic that can’t be learned within these school and some that are forbidden like with summoning. Some of these magic are banned on the site and some you must have and the following:

1. Head admin approval.

2. Detailed application.

3. History that explains how you go it and why. (Nothing cheesy like: From some random dude that appeared out of nowhere. It happens.)

4. Sell your soul to me. (Just kidding)

A list of banned magics and alike

1. Death magic (Death magic is a magic in which auto makes all those around the user, die without doing much).

2. Universal Creation (A magic in which can create all without nothing)

3. Resurrection magic (A magic that is used to bring someone/thing back to life)

4. Magics that vague manipulate

List of Limited Magics

1. Illusion Magic (create things that aren’t really there yet feels/seems real)

2. Sound/Vibration/Shockwave Magics (Magic that either disturbs or manipulates soundwaves upon ones movements rather it be a person or thing)

3. Transformation Magic (A magic in which lets one transform into different beings (people, beasts, etc) using special abilities.

4. Blood Magic (A magic that lets the user manipulate ones blood. You do not get to manipulate PC’s body.)

Summoning school

The Summoning school is for those who wish to learn the magic of summoning creatures. As most do start at the age of five, some do start later or have the gift at birth and learn earlier than five. To master Summoning the character must receive a scroll from the elders of the school in approval to get a mastering mark.  The mark with be a symbol of the characters specific type of summoning to signify what they master as of beasts or creatures and even people.  There are cases that some learn and go for forbidden summoning, such as listed. Those that do forbidden summoning’s are those who sell their soul.  You may only choose one category.

Types of Summoning allowed: Beasts, some mythology creatures (depends) and others that aren’t listed in the forbidden summoning’s.

Forbidden Summoning: Any types of demons, necromancy, and slavery.

Total years before Mastering: Minimum of expected age is about 25.

Elemental School

The elemental school is for those who wish to learn the magic of all elements. Most students learn all the simplified elements of: fire, earth, water and air. Without knowledge of them all, people can’t manipulate nor combine the simplified elements to make greater elements. To master an element in general takes about 25 years. One must pick only two elements to master, but the others may stay novice, moderate or skilled (only one).

You may be creative on what you can master or create, but one can be denied if seen deniable within reason(s).

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